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I'm a Brooklyn based multimedia artist. For my undergraduate I attended Calvin College where I studied graphic design and later branched out into fine art. I'm currently attending Pratt Institute and pursuing my MFA in Integrated Practices.


I’ve always been acutely in-tune with my emotions and because of that, feeling and emotions are the conceptual framework to my practice. Tied intrinsically in this, a lot of my work focuses on mental health and how it impacts my life and the lives of others. I often incorporate others into my work by interviewing and conversing with them about their experiences, whether mental health struggles, or experiences on other various topics. Being known, heard, and relational is key to my practice. These ideas manifest in various forms depending on how best I see them existing in the world. I use various methods of making, working with sculpture, textile, various found materials, text, performance, and film-- all I use to create an emotive and empathetic work.