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There is a large mystery to emotion. We can’t feel the emotions of others; we only understand them in relation to our own experiences. Expressing our inner life to others can be challenging. My work explores this disparity and complexity. Emotional containment, externalization, fluctuation, and processing are all topics I am dealing with. Calling upon my own experiences along with the experiences of those in my life, through dialogue and other means of participation, I create my mixed media work.


My work manifests primarily in sculpture and installation, with ephemerality and process being key to the conceptual framework. The various materials I utilize, such as beeswax and canvas, reference the body as well as invite a sense of tactility. Collecting journals of my own and others helps create a visual map of the internal workings of a collective as well as individual inner life. Some of the work invites the viewer to participate directly with the sculptures by holding and meditating with the objects. Other work utilizes tedious and meditative processes, such as repetitively carving into wax and melting it down, creating a visual representation of temporality. I strive for viewer participation, whether direct or indirect, and to create an opportunity for them to encounter the work in the way they choose.


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