it's all in your head

This series titled “It’s all in your head” explores the physical manifestations of mental health. As someone who has been negatively affected physically by my mental health, I was interested in the relationship other people had between their mind and body. I interviewed three people in my life that I know have experienced physical aspects of mental health and invited them for a
conversation about their mind and body relationship.


I then created wearable sculptures that became a physical and visual representation of these pains and sensations I was told about. I chose materials that were the most tangible to the physical feelings that were described. I used tactical materials like wire for sharpness and stabbing, nails for tingling and vibration, and nylon for the sensation of skin. I also used symbolic materials, such as canvas for its connection with straitjackets and corsets. I then recorded myself wearing these pieces; an intimate and isolating experience in which I knew the
individuals that I had these conversations with had experienced for a long time. I then remove the sculpture to show the marks it made on my skin. Although all these individuals have internal sensations and pain, I wanted to bring this pain and sensation to the surface. This project is my
interpretation of their mental pain turned physical. No pain, whether mental or physical, can be completely understood by anyone outside of it, yet bringing it to the surface is a visible representation of their individual experience.