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This first piece calls into consideration two things: consumption and recognition of that consumption. The piece is composed like a painting, like something one would find hanging in the walls of a gallery. Something one would have to be faced to sit and look and and even perhaps analyze. Our consumerist tendencies often don’t get the attention and recognition they need. We often throw out the receipts not even looking at them. This piece invites you to look and to think about your patterns.

This series is another call to recognition of consumerist tendencies. This piece shows how unimportant and forgotten each purchase is. I don’t remember the coffee I bought at the little bodega on the corner three months ago, however at the time it was something of consideration. I asked myself if I should spend the money on it, even though I had some coffee I could make at home. The small purchases are a point of slight stress in the moment, however later that day it is completely forgotten. The receipts are unrecognizable to allude to how forgotten the purchases they represent are. 7 receipts for 7 days a week. Variation in length for the variation of cost of purchases.